Monday, February 11, 2008

How do I Learn to Be A Web2.0 Teacher

Hi Everyone from cold New Jersey,

I am doing a Long Island/New Jersey roadtrip this week. At least the sun was shining - a big improvement over the weather that i left in Cleveland on Sunday afternoon (well, really Sunday night when my 3:00 plane left at 7:00 PM).

I have some time tonight to read blogs. David Warlick (#1 on my list of blogs to read) talked about what he could sugggest to teachers who wanted to learn more about using the tools of Web2.0. He said what he would suggest most is that they begin to read blogs. I must admit that this is what has helped me the most. I visit my RSS Feeds on Bloglines each night and more often than not, there is a new idea or a new tool that allows me to explore more Web 2.0. What great resources these bloggers provide.

David Warlick did a wonderful thing when he posted a list of bloggers that he would suggest teachers to read. This list was composed on a Wiki with contributions from many people who read blogs. Check it out at:

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