Friday, February 8, 2008

Reading Strategies Website Grades K-4

Greetings to all of you. I hope you are not suffering from the winter blahs! I read in the Cleveland newspaper today that we have had only 3 days of sunshine in the past 97 days! No wonder I was feeling a little "sun deprived". I hope your days have been sunny inside or outside!
The networking that takes place in cyberspace always amazes me. I just love meeting other educators who share what they have used in their classrooms and I, of course, know very few of these people personally. Today I was reading Jennifer Wagner's blog and went to make a comment. There I decided to read the other comments and there was one from someone named Kelly. Her comment mentioned the many teachers from all over who tell her how helpful her blog is to them. Well, I had to check it out. There was a link - so I went to her blog, iLearning and liked it so much that I added it to my Bloglines Feed immediately. (To subscribe to blogs go to
Anyway, I found some very interesting articles on her blog, one of which I thought I would share here. (It sure took me a long time to get here didn't it?)
The website is Into The Book . Into the Book is a reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers. It focuses on eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing and Synthesizing. It was developed by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and a team of experienced educators. There is lots of interactivity and resources for teachers. I saw no advertising and the student supplies a firstname or nickname and is given a unique "key" to use to do the activities. They can then save what they have done. I think that this is a website that you may want to explore.
Have a great weekend. I hit the road to the east coast on Sunday.

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I am glad you enjoyed that link - I was very much pleased when I found it as well.

Thanks for the comment about the blog!! I enjoy finding sites for teachers and discussing the Fun (and struggles) of Tech.