Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Flake Maker (Just What We Don't Need in Cleveland!)

I have been reading through many of the blogs that I have left unread over the winter holidays and thinking about so many of you returning to school tomorrow (Monday). I know that winter weather will be on many of your minds and if you need something creative and child-ready for the first week in the computer lab - this Snowflake Workshop may just be the thing. By using the pencil, children create the geometric shapes that will be cut out of the folded paper. Then they click on the scissors and the shapes are cut. They can do it again and agian until they have one that they really like. At that point they can save it. They can see their saved snowflakes in the gallery or send/receive it as an email. As the students see how the snowflakes turn out, they can vary their designs. Enjoy!

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