Sunday, January 31, 2010

100th. Day of School Math Activities

Reading Teachers First this morning (I used to go to the New York Times first on Sunday morning), I realized that many of us were getting to the 100th. Day of School. Many elementary classes find different ways to celebrate, all encouraging students to understand the concept behind the number 100. Teachers First recommended a wonderful website from Math Wired called The 100th. Day of School Activities.
On this site you will find suggestions for many varied activities and also the PDF files for downloading forms that you would use. That certainly helps you to use their ideas without much work on your part. I think there are some great ideas!
I had never visited the main site Math Wired so while I was singing the praises of the 100th. Day Activities, I backed it up to the Home Page of Math Wired and I was very impressed. Lots of theme-based math activities. I think we have found a gold mine here!

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