Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saying Thank You and Sending Good Cheer To The Military

You may want to have your class remember those men and women who are serving in our military during this holiday season. Two really good websites for doing so crossed my desk this morning. Thanks to a post from Linda Ryan George on Facebook this morning, I was reminded that the Red Cross is back with their Holiday Mail for Heroes. All cards are sent to a specific address and then the Pitney Bowes Company screens them for hazardous materials and then they are sent to the servicemen and women.
Let's Say Thanks is a project done by the Xerox Corporation. This project is done completely online and does not give the actual feeling of sending a card but postage costs will not be a problem.
Can you imagine all the happiness cards from children all of the United States would bring to the members of the military who are far away from home this season?

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