Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Card Exchange Project To Begin - Registration Opens Friday!

Jen Wagner, in her never tiring efforts to bring excitement into real time/real life learning is once again hosting the Holiday Card Exchange Project Registration will open on Friday. I am aware that many people want to stay away from the religious significance of the holiday season so as not to exclude any religious groups. This project can be done with geography and world awareness in mind without making this a religious project.
After you register, you will be placed in a group with 24 other schools, hopefully from far and wide. You will be asked to make and send holiday cards to the 24 other schools in your group. The cards will include information about your school and your city. Links for ideas of making cards will be provided and of course using scanners and digital cameras to publish cards on your computers would also be an option. By December 7th., you will send your cards and start receiving ncards. The cards you receive will include information about the school and the city it is coming from. Using a map to identify where your cards come from will have students "talking geogrphy". For example, one child will see a card form Minnesota and exclaim, "That class is so close to Canada!" Of course, cities can be located on Google Earth or Google Maps simply with a zip code.
The cards form the basis for the project - but so much more learning about the world can come out of this project.
Again, Thank You Jen!

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