Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time For The Pumpkin Seed Count Project - Yeah Jen Wagner!

We are so fortunate that Jen Wagner continues to provide teachers all over the world with opportunities for participating in an online project. They are timely, there is much to be learned by the students, and there is very little effort needed by the teacher. This project is only for the K-3rd. grade set, but I am sure 4th. and 5th. grade students may enjoy doing some of the activities on their own. This project also only goes from October 28th. to October 30th. The project website can be found HERE. This is a great place to introduce a spreadsheet when all of the results are in. You will also be able to make a simple graph/chart with the results. Once the graph/chart is made, students can answer questions like, "Where was the class from that had the most/least seeds in their pumpkin?" "Where is the class whose pumpkin had just about as many seeds as ours had?" Reading graphs like this makes this skill using real life-real time data easily developed even in young children.
Registration is now open for this great project. Much gratitude to Jen!

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