Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time For A New Project From Jen Wagner

Those of you who have heard me present know how passionate I am about the online collaborative projects where your students can engage in a project with students from other places in the world. A simple one-day project and it goes along with the coming Halloween celebration. It is the Pumpkin Seed Count 2009 Project. This project is for preK-third grade and the project registration begins on October 19th. In the meantime, you can plan for this project by looking at the Project Website HERE. Reinforcing math and estimation skills, eaxch class will be counting the pumpkin seeds in a specified size pumpkin. There will be many chances for collaboration and extension activities for the project. Additional information about this project can be found HERE. The possibilities for providing lots of math activities for your students are great, but not time or energy consuming for the classroom teacher. Take a look and note to register on October 19th.

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