Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pumpkin Seed Project

One of the easiest online collaborative projects and one of the best way to cross all curriculum areas is Jen Wagner's Pumpkin Seed Project for 2008. I have many times written and at each workshop proclaimed the value of these online collaborative projects. I still would list all the reasons for participating as I have before, but one of Jen Wagner's blogs lately has given me a little more to think about when referring to these projects. There is more to these projects than simply collaboration. This is directly "lifted" from Jen's blog. but thought her words were really important:

"And what I realized is that my projects — yes, simplistic as they are — set a good foundation for teachers who are just learning some new ways of doing old things. For example: A Room With A View and The Shape of Things projects are primarily to help teachers learn to upload and tag images. Our Holiday Card Exchange project showcases Google Earth and helps teachers start learning how to use it within their classrooms. The O.R.E.O. project, The Pumpkin Seed Project, and the Lucky Charm project — all teach math skils in a fun way, but it also introduces teachers to online forms, creating webpages, and manipulating data in a spreadsheet."

Yes! It is so much more than just collaboration - but the value of 300 classes doing something in order to formulate a conclusion cannot be underestimated.

So, now Jen is ready to introduce The Pumpkin Seed Project, a project that will begin on Monday, October 6th. (make yourself a note, so you don't forget to sign on). Read all about the project at athttp://www.jenuinet /ps2008/ps2008ho me.htm. It is a three day project October 29th. - October 31st. and is open to PreK-Third Grade students. It certainly fits in with Fall and Halloween activities.

An added feature is a chance to use a wonderful Web 2.0 tool called Voicethread, which many of you know about but may not have tried yet. It will give you and your students a chance to talk about how the project worked in your classroom. Jen will have it all setup and all you will have to do is to follow the simple directions and join in. All information will be at the website by Monday, October 6th.

This would be a fun project to invite all of the Primary classes in your school/district to join. You will excite your students as they learn new ways to manipulate numbers and to talk about their findings.

I hope you will join!


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Lauriene Tschang said...

Hello Judi,

Great fall activity. I will mention this to the teachers in the Pre-K through 3rd grade. Thanks for sharing this great collaborative project.