Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Collaborative Project For You to Consider

For those of you who have been to my workshops or have read this blog know how much I like the idea of the online collaborative project. I feel that it can fulfill several learning goals at once and at the same time allow your students to traverse the globe along with the other participants in the project.
Dr. Sarah McPherson and Susan Silverman, someone I have admired for many years are coordinating this project together. They are both affiliated with the Instructional Technology Department at the School of Education of New York Institute of Technology. As a classroom teacher, Susan began coordinating projects many years ago and I look for her projects each year.
Lucky Lady Bugs is a project in process and will go all this year. Because it was started last year, you can look at examples of what has been done so far and show your students where the schools are that have already participated in the project.
This project is designed following principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and invites culminating activities that follow the student learning to be done in many ways from drawing, to diagrams, to video clips.
This is the website for the project and all details can be found here, including how to register:
When your students participate in this project they will be very proud to be a part of the Student Showcase!
I am heading out west this week to Billing, MT, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Phoenix, AZ. If any of you are in the neighborhood, do stop in and say "hi"!


Ann said...

Judi, It's Ann (Culp) Minckler; a blast from the past! Where are you in Billings and for how long are you there?

Judi Wolf said...


I am in Billings just tonight Monday and am prfesenting tomorrow. You are on the other side of the state, aren't you? Send your email to me at I had no way of replying to you.