Friday, February 19, 2010

The Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide - Yours For Downloading!

Free Technology For Teachers a blog that I try to read every day, certainly lives up to its name as it guides me right to the newest tools and/or resources that are available for teachers and, most importantly, FREE! Today Mr. Byrne, the author of this blog introduced us to a wonderful PDF free publication about Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. It is called The Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide. It includes information on using Microsoft Movie Maker and Microsoft Photo Story 3, but even if you are a Mac User or you don't choose to use the free Microsoft software tools, there is still so much contained within the guide to help you engage your students in digital story telling. The writing, storyboarding, preparation for creating their stories really builds a lot of skills that will help them in all fields of learning. I am a true believer in using digital storytelling in the classroom and this guide will certainly do much to get you started or to provide you with many new ideas.

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