Thursday, September 24, 2009

Math In the Real World

I can always depend on ILearn Technology to let me in on the newest discovery in the field of websites. It seems the sites are always just the thing we are looking for for use in the classrooms or the labs. This one appeals to the lower primary grades, but students who do not grasp the idea of math in the real world will gain new understandings, no matter what grade level they are in. The website that is shown today is Math Apprentice , a flash site that shows kids how math is used in the real world, with real world jobs. Students can explore math through games that feature bicycle designers, biologists, artists, mechanics, inventors, doctors, engineers, astronomers, game designers, programmers, chefs, veterinarians, sportscasters, and meteorologists. Students can explore the math of these jobs as a math apprentice by selecting a character and cruising around a virtual world where they can visit places of business where math happens. The character describes how they use math and provides a fun interactive activity that gives students a chance to practice using the math.

For students who often ask “where will I use this?” of math, this site answers those questions through a fun virtual world. Kids can explore first hand how math is used and then act as an apprentice and solve problems.
To begin playing the Math Apprentice games, you have to click on “Explore the Math” button on the bottom of the homepage.

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