Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet Puzzle Makers

I know I have not blogged for a while, but I have always felt that until I was aware of something new that is really useful, I will not be writing just to write. If you are like me, with so many new tools appearing every day, I only want to know about those that will be very useful to me for my personal use or for you to use as a classroom teacher. Therefore one week I might blog 2 or 3 times, and then some times I will go for several weeks without anything worthwhile to share.
Tonight I was going through Larry Ferlazzo's lists of the Best Websites For.... He has quite a few lists. Tonight I found the one that listed Crossword Puzzle Makers and websites that allow you to make other word games. There were a few I especially liked. Even if you need to register, the registration is quite simple and Free. Here are the ones I liked:
Study Stack - Here you easily create flashcards, hangman games, word searches, and many more activities. (Easy registration needed).

Word Duck - This is an online hangman game for many user-created topics. Once you register for free you can create games using your own words.

APTE At this website you can create crosswords, as well as a number of other word games. One advantage is that they can then either be played online or printed out. Here, too, you have to register.

Just Crosswords - is an easy way to create an online crossword puzzle. No registration is required — just plug in the words and clues and the site hosts it for you.

Thank you to Larry Ferlazzo for not only finding these websites but explaining them in a concise manner.

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